Thursday, July 12, 2007

Your private information is for sale: Telephone Records ctd.

From the Sunday Independent, still more evidence that your telephone records are for sale to the highest bidder:
IRELAND has become a centre for commercial espionage with Dublin "like Berlin in the Cold War", according to a former top CIA operative.

The claims were made by Robert Baer who began his career as a spy when he became case officer with the CIA Directorate of Operations.

During a 20-year career as a covert operative, he had field assignments in India, Beirut, Tajikstan and northern Iraq .

"Let's say I wanted to know about you. The first thing I want is cell-phone records. Let's say I've got your landline number. From your landline I can do a data search and I can get your cell phone number in Ireland very easily," he said.

Mr Baer claimed that if he wanted to find a list of calls made from any mobile phone in the last six months, he could buy that information from a Dublin-based firm.

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