Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Law Society Annual Human Rights Conference

I spoke at the Law Society's 2015 Annual Human Rights Conference last Saturday about privacy and surveillance online in light of recent CJEU decisions - a particularly topical area following the decision in Schrems. I was joined on my panel by Karlin Lillington, the journalist whose advocacy was responsible for data retention being treated as a civil liberties issue in Ireland, and the session was chaired by Michael McDowell who as Minister for Justice was responsible for introducing data retention in Ireland in 2005 and was one of the main proponents behind data retention at a European level. As you would expect with this range of views, there was a full and interesting discussion of privacy generally and the specific area of state surveillance. Unfortunately there's no recording of the conference, but I've embedded my own slides below.

The Law Society will be making available other slides/papers from the conference - including hopefully the very interesting papers from Olivia O'Kane on privacy and the media and Judge Michael O'Reilly on prisoners' rights - and I'll link to those once they are put up.