Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Godaddy caves in rateyoursolicitor.com case?

This is a fascinating development in the ever-entertaining rateyoursolicitor.com saga. American company blocks off access to 'rate your lawyer' site - Irish Independent:
"AN American domain name provider has suspended access to the controversial rateyoursolicitor.com website after an Irish High Court issued a court order to remove offensive material about a barrister from the site.

Godaddy.com, an award winning internet site, suspended access to the rateyoursolicitor.com portal within 24 hours of an injunction issued by Judge Michael Hanna.

Last Wednesday, Judge Hanna issued an order that defamatory material posted about Jayne Maguire, a barrister, on rateyoursolicitor.com must be removed with immediate effect.

Ms Maguire has claimed that John Gill, of Drumline, Newmarket on Fergus, defamed her by posting offensive remarks on rateyoursolicitor.com.

Mr Gill, chairman of the Victims of the Legal Profession Society, denied that anything concerning Ms Maguire was published or posted on the site.

Ms Maguire is seeking damages for defamation and privacy and an interlocutory injunction of the statements about her on the site which she says is administered by Mr Gill.

Godaddy.com have locked access to the site domain name until High Court proceedings are concluded. Lawyers acting for Ms Gill served notice on www.gmax.net, an American Internet Service Provider that is host to the site.

It had been thought that Godaddy.com was hosting the site which invites Irish people to rate their lawyers, however gmax.net has now been identified as the ISP and has received notice of the High Court proceedings.
Slashdot has some interesting comments. More on this when I get the chance - but if these reports are accurate I'll certainly be moving my own registrations and hosting from Godaddy.


  1. Many of the larger US registrars have clauses in their terms and conditions documents that cover these events. It is all there in the small print.

  2. My heart bleeds for lawyers upset by rate your solicitor . Others such as teachers have to take this abuse on the chin every day.

  3. I thinkthis is a very good court judgmement because Tripadvisor.com are posting reviews anonymously about Irish hotels and accommodation providers everyday of the week and most are coming from Americans who do not understand the different culture or from disgruntled Irsh people who do not read terms & conditions, the reviewer can post what they like without prove of ever having stayed or visitng at a premises but the management can not get it removed even when providing proof. This will also work in their favour.