Monday, January 14, 2013

Government locked itself in Dáil and wont come out until Internet stops laughing at them, says spokesperson

Best commentary so far on the Irish social media debate. Here's an excerpt:
TD’s are said to be currently staging a sit in, making this the first time in 20 years all 166 members have been in the building at the one time.
In a statement issued earlier, Justice Minister Alan Shatter said the government has had enough of ‘Internet bullies’ poking fun at politicians.
‘Its not fair that everyone is laughing at us all the time and posting funny pictures.’ read a spokesperson. ‘The government has decided to put a stop to this and stage a sit-in from 9am – 11am, before breaking for a three hour lunch break. The sit-in will commence shortly after 2pm and finish for the day at 3.’

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