Monday, December 03, 2012

Irish mobile phone companies: still spammy

Last year, following a complaint to the Data Protection Commissioner, I finally received an apology from Carphone Warehouse for multiple spam text messages sent to my phone. It seems that they didn't get the message then. From today's Irish Times:
Carphone Warehouse was fined €1,250 on each of two charges relating to the sending of an unsolicited email marketing messages. The court heard the company had previously been warned in relation to similar breaches, although it had no previous convictions.

Meteor was also prosecuted over the sending of an unsolicited marketing email. The customer who complained to the Data Protection Commissioner had previously gone to "some lengths" to ensure he would not be contacted by the company, the court heard. While the customer was the only one who complained, the message had been sent to between 11,000 and 18,500 people who should not have received it, the court heard. Counsel for the Data Protection Commissioner agreed that while Meteor had no previous convictions for such offences, it had previously had the benefit of the Probation Act. Judge O'Neill said that if the company paid €5,000 to Temple Street children's hospital by December 17th, he would strike out the charge. If the money was not paid by that date he would convict and impose a fine of €5,000.

Hutchison 3G, trading as Three, was prosecuted on three counts - one of sending an unsolicited email, one in relation to an unsolicited phone call, and a third in relation to an unsolicited marketing text message sent to deputy data protection commissioner Gary Davis.

Judge O'Neill asked the company to pay €2,500 to Crumlin children's hospital by December 17th. He said if such payment was made he would strike out the charge. He took two of the three charges into account.
Pro tip: if you're going to spam, try not to spam the Data Protection Commissioner's Director of Investigations.

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