Saturday, November 14, 2009

BT Ireland caves in on "three strikes" demands?

According to today's Irish Times the music industry's litigation against BT Ireland has been settled. Terms of the agreement weren't revealed, but my assumption would be that BT have agreed to implement a three strikes system for disconnecting users accused of filesharing, following the Eircom model. Surprisingly however there hasn't yet been a press release from IRMA or BT. Does anyone have more information?

Edited to add: Thanks to the anonymous commenter for pointing out that this simply follows BT's deal to move its consumer division to Vodafone.


  1. ‬‪‪“IRMA and BT Communications Ireland Limited have announced that the proceedings issued by certain members of IRMA against BT Communications  Ireland Limited in respect of alleged music file sharing activities were discontinued on the 13th day of November 2009 following the transfer by BT of part of its customer base to Vodafone and does not involve any payment or acknowledgment by either party.”‬

  2. Roll on EMI v Vodafone - :)