Sunday, October 18, 2009 v. - Denis O'Brien takes the PR battle online

Today's Sunday Business Post has an interesting article about Denis O'Brien's latest salvo in his ongoing PR battle against the Moriarty Tribunal investigation into how he came to be awarded Ireland's second mobile phone licence.

The official website of the Tribunal is and O'Brien has now launched a full frontal attack on the findings of the tribunal at, which bills itself as presenting "the true picture of the Moriarty Tribunal's 8 1/2 year inquiry into the awarding of the second mobile phone licence" - including confidential correspondence between the Tribunal and parties.

Is a UDRP claim on the cards? Probably not (though there has been one case where an Irish public body has unsuccessfully invoked the IEDRP). Nevertheless, I'll be interested to see whether the Tribunal will object to the use of such a similar domain name.


  1. Surely
    Denis is living in Malta for 180days a year until his tax free status there is no longer needed.
    Denis is surely the world's greatest entrepeneur and conference speaker.

  2. Arguably it goes even further than the domain name: the site employs a Revenue-esque logo with Dublin Castle archway and is published in a style which certainly makes it look like an official site.