Tuesday, January 30, 2007

NTR Deal introduces number plate surveillance

'Invisible' toll part of €600m deal to buy out West-Link bridge - Irish Independent:
It is understood that NTR will be operating the toll on behalf of the State, which will effectively become the new landlord. This will involve photographing the registration of every vehicle and billing them unless they have a prepaid arrangement... Drivers are only tolled now if they cross the West-Link bridge. Under the new deal, everyone using the M50 will be charged.
Expect this to be used to justify the roll out of number plate recognition and the monitoring of all car journeys.


  1. Apart from everything else, this just won't work. You just can't read the reg plates accurately enough for this on a rainy day.

  2. Anonymous17 July, 2008

    'number plate recognition',down the line is chipped number plates. already being tested in britain. In the pipe line so to speak. The arguments in Britain for number plate recognition,is argued from tha fact that anyone can make number plates. indeed you can buy any (illegal)number plate you wish for britain online. weather would have no effect!