Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Still more on the AOL disclosure - what your internet history might say about you

CNET News looks at the AOL disclosure to show how much information your internet history can reveal about your life. Two examples:
A woman affiliated with Temple University in Philadelphia, perhaps a student, shared her life's troubles with AOL Search this spring. That woman, user 591476, typed:
  • replica loius vuitton bag
  • how to stop bingeing
  • how to secretly poison your ex
  • how to color hair with clairol professional
  • websites that ask for payment by checks
  • south beach diet
  • nausea in the first two weeks of pregnancy
  • breast reduction
  • how to starve yourself
  • rikers island inmate info number
  • how to care for natural black hair
  • scarless breast reduction
  • pregnancy on birth control
  • diet pills
Some AOL users seem to be worried that an abusive partner in a relationship may come back to hurt them. This person, AOL user 005315, searched for information about prison inmates, gang members, sociopaths in relationships, and women who were murdered in southern California last year:
  • resources for utility bill paying assistance in southern california
  • section 8 housing southern california
  • los angeles county ca. gang member pictures
  • orange county california jails inmate information
  • fractured ankle
  • letters and responses written by women to emotionally
  • abusive partners
  • men that use emotional and physical abandonment to control their partner
  • warning signs of a mans infidelity or sexual addiction
  • the sociopathic relationship
  • southern california newspaper stories about woman murdered by boyfriend in pomona december2005
  • names of females murdered or found dead in pomona california in 2005
  • characteristics of a sociopath in a relationship
  • a person that shows lack of empathy
  • help in writing a letter to a abusive narcissistic ex boyfriend
  • how to hurt the narcissistic man
  • retaliating against the narcisisstic man

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